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Black BMW 4 Series 2022

Black BMW 4 Series 2022

AED 1050 /Per Day
Black Ferrari Portofino 2020

Black Ferrari Portofino 2020

AED 2450 /Per Day
Black Ferrari Portofino 2021

Black Ferrari Portofino 2021

AED 2750 /Per Day
Blue Bentley Continental GT Convertible 2018

Blue Bentley Continental GT Convertible

AED 2250 /Per Day
Blue BMW 4 Series 2018

Blue BMW 4 Series 2018

AED 600 /Per Day
Blue Ferrari Portofino 2020

Blue Ferrari Portofino 2020

AED 2350 /Per Day
White BMW 4 Series, 2022

White BMW 4 Series, 2022

AED 650 /Per Day
Silver BMW 8 Series M8 2022

Silver BMW 8 Series M8 2022

AED 1350 /Per Day
Red Ferrari 488 2019

Red Ferrari 488 2019

AED 2250 /Per Day
Red Ferrari 488 Spider 2017

Red Ferrari 488 Spider 2017

AED 2350 /Per Day
Red Ferrari F8 Tributo 2022

Red Ferrari F8 Tributo 2022

AED 3300 /Per Day
Red Ferrari F8 Tributo Spyder 2021

Red Ferrari F8 Tributo Spyder 2021

AED 3850 /Per Day
Red Ferrari Portofino 2021

Red Ferrari Portofino 2021

AED 2650 /Per Day
Blue Ferrari F8 Tributo 2022

Unique Blue Ferrari F8 Tributo 2022

AED 3500 /Per Day
White BMW 4 Series 2019

White BMW 4 Series 2019

AED 520 /Per Day
Yellow Ferrari 488 2019

Yellow Ferrari 488 2019

AED 2650 /Per Day

Rent a Convertible car in Dubai

Convertible cars are also famous as Cabriolets. These vehicles transformed from closed roof cars to open air vehicles. The unique specifications of convertible cars allow travelers to enjoy the best of both worlds. If you want the exhilarating freedom of an open top drive, convertible car rental from Dubai rent a car is an ideal choice. Convertible cars offer the perfect blend of adventure, style and luxury. 

Why Should You Choose A Convertible Car in Dubai?

Convertible cars are the statement of elegance and luxury making them perfect for grand entrance in the UAE. Here some of the reasons why you should choose this car category:

  • Driving a convertible car in Dubai offers you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the stunning views of the surrounding. Admire the routes and style like a boss.
  • Modern convertible cars at Dubai rent a car are equipped with advanced technology features and a climate control system.
  • No matter if you need a convertible car for an outing with family or friends or you want a romantic date with your love once, these cars add excitement to the journey.

All Models of Convertible cars

Dubai rent a car offers a wide range of convertible car models to suit everyone’s budget and preferences. Our extensive fleet includes:

BMW 4 Series Convertible:

BMW 4 Series convertible cars combine cutting edge technology and sporty elegance for travelers.

Ford Mustang Convertible:

If you want an iconic and powerful driving experience then the Ford Mustang convertible car is a perfect vehicle.

Porsche 911 Cabriolet:

911 Cabriolet is a classic choice for all travelers who appreciate time less design and high performance.

Mercedes Benz C class Cabriolet:

Admire the luxury and comfort with sleek design of Mercedes Benz C class convertible.

Audi A5 Cabriolet:

Audi A5 is a sophistication option for all travelers designing for performance and style.

convertible Lexus Black

Significant Features of Convertible cars

Dubai rent a car’s convertible cars come with white range of significant features to impress everyone. Here are some of the significant ones to ensure in hands driving experience:

  • The convertible cars have luxury interiors made up of high quality. The smooth finish ensures a stylish and comfortable ride.
  • The advanced mechanism of convertible cars allow the roof to open and close easily providing flexibility and comfort.
  • All the modern convertible cars come with advanced safety features for a secure driving.

Types of Convertible cars

Invertible cars are divided into three types:

Soft top convertibles:

These convertibles have a fabric roof that can be folded down offering a convertible as well as classic experience.

Hard-Top Convertibles:

The vehicles come with a retractable hard roof that provides better security and insulation.


The roadsters are two seaters that emphasize agility and sporty performance.

Other Types of Vehicles on Dubai Rent a car

  • SUVs and Crossovers 
  • Luxury sedans
  • Exotic SUVs
  • Economy Cars
convertible BMW Red

Who Rents a Convertible Car in Dubai?

Convertible cars are famous among wide range of individual including:

  • Locals who want to enjoy a weekend getaway or daily community in a stylish vehicle.
  • Individuals looking to explode the city in a style.
  • All the business travelers who want prestigious vehicles for special events or meetings.
  • Car lovers who want to experience the high-performance convertibles in Dubai.

How Much Does Convertible Car Rental Cost in Dubai?

The overall cost of renting a convertible vehicle in Dubai varies on various factors including the rental duration, season of renting and the model. However, on average the prices may range from 500 AED to 2000 AED per day. For accurate pricing, contact Dubai rent a car directly or visit our website to explore the diversity of convertible cars.

Convertible car Rental Options for Daily, Weekly and Monthly Services

Dubai rent a car promises to offer flexible options according to the needs and preferences of individuals.

  • Our daily rentals are best for short term use such as a daily commuting or attending a special.
  • Weekly rental plans are significantly designed for all the individuals who want week long vacations or business trips in Dubai.
  • If you want a cost-effective solution for a convertible car then our monthly rental plans offer better rate and convenience.

Convertible cars in Other Cities of UAE

Dubai is a prime location for renting convertible cars but Dubai rent a car also extends the services to other cities of UAE such as Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman. Enjoy the rich cultural heritage, modern amenities and diverse landscape of these Emirates with stylish convertibles.


  • Is insurance included in my Convertible car rental cost?
    Dubai rent a car offers basic insurance coverage that covers third party liability. 
  • Is there any age limit to rent a Convertible car in Dubai?
    Yes, the renters must be 25 years or above to rent high-end vehicles in Dubai. 
  • Is there any mileage limit on Convertible car rentals in Dubai?
    Mileage limit depends on the rental agreement as some vehicles come with unlimited mileage. Therefore, always check the terms of your car rental contract.
  • How can I make my reservation for a luxury vehicle?
    Simply visit our website or contact us by phone or visit our rental office. We recommend advance booking.
  • Can I rent a car with foreign driving license in Dubai?
    Yes, you can rent a vehicle with foreign driving license. All international travelers must have a valid driving license or international driving permit.