Rent a Luxury Car in Dubai

Dubai rent a car is your ideal destination if you want to rent a luxury car in the city of Dubai. We Pride ourselves on offering a fleet of luxury vehicles to fulfill the needs of ultimate driving experience. No matter if you are visiting the city for business purposes or any special occasion, you’ll travel in style.

At Dubai rent a car, our cars and more than luxury. These vehicles represent a lifestyle of prestige and sophistication. All vehicles come with premium material and meticulous craftsmanship.

At Dubai rent a car we are committed to provide a fine selection of vehicles to make your journey memorable.

Why Should You Choose A Luxury Car in Dubai?

Selecting a luxury car for rent in Dubai for your transportation needs offers a lot of perks such as:

  • You’ll experience cutting edge features. These include a navigation system, premium audio system and adaptive cruise control.
  • Our luxury cars come with the latest technology that ensures a confident driving experience.
  • Luxury cars increase your status and create a powerful impression. No matter if you’re going to attend a special event or any business meeting.
  • Luxury cars come with powerful engines and precision engineering. It delivers a smooth and comfortable ride. Admire its ergonomic design, finest material and advanced climate control system.
Luxury Rolls Roys Black

All Models of Luxury Cars

Dubai rent a car offers a wide range of luxury car models from world’s most famous manufacturers. Our fleet includes

Sedans: BMW 7 series, Audi A8 Mercedes, Benz S Class

SUVs: Mercedes Benz G class, Porsche cayenne, Range Rover, BMW X7

Convertibles: Audi R8 Spyder, Ferrari portofino, Bentley Continental GT.

Sports cars: Porsche 911, Aston Martin Vantage, Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 488

Significant Features of Luxury Cars

At Dubai rent a car, our luxury cars offer a wide range of features that are designed to increase the overall driving experience. Some of these features include

  • Large touch screen, premium sound system and advance navigation
  • An active cruise control, collision warning and night vision.
  • Customisable ambient lighting, high quality leather and wood trim.
  • Multi zone climate control, ventilated seats and massage functions.

Other Types of Vehicles on Dubai Rent a car

Along with luxury cars Dubai and a car also offers:

  • Van and mini buses
  • Economy cars
  • Mid range vehicles
  • Electric vehicles

Who Rents a Luxury Car in Dubai?

Luxury cars in Dubai rented by diverse individual such as:

  • Celebrities and VIPs who need privacy and luxury during the stay.
  • Car enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill and  high-performance vehicles in Dubai.
  • Business executives who want to make a strong and luxurious impression during the conferences and meetings.
  • Tourists looking to explore Dubai in a style.
  • Event attendance arrives in an elegant way at parties and special occasions.
Luxury Cadillac Red

Types of Luxury Cars

Some of the popular types of luxury cars available for rent at Dubai rent a car are:

  • Luxury SUV
  • Executive Sedan
  • High-performance sports car
  • Elegant convertible

How Much Does Luxury Car Rental Cost in Dubai?

The cost of renting a luxury car in Dubai varies depending on the model and rental duration. However, the prices start from AED 800 for high-end sedans to AED 5000 for sports cars. If you want to rent a vehicle for a week, our discounted rates are also available that start from AED 5000. For significant savings, our long term rentals start from AED 18000.

Luxury Car Rental Options for Daily, Weekly and Monthly Services

We aim to provide convenient and flexible rental options to accommodate all needs. Therefore, we offer daily, weekly and monthly rental so the individuals can choose the best one.

  • Daily rentals are perfect for special events and short visits in Dubai.
  • Weekly rentals are best to explore Dubai and neighboring Emirates for seven days.
  • Monthly rentals are suitable for extended stays. Enjoy the most cost effective solution for renting a luxury vehicle.

Luxury Cars in Other Cities of UAE

Dubai rent a car extends its luxury car rental services beyond Dubai to all around the UAE. You can rent a car in other Emirates. These are Abu Dhabi, Ajman Sharjah, Al Ain, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah. Discover the cultural, historical and luxury side of these regions with our high end vehicles.


  • Is insurance included in my luxury car rental cost?
    Dubai rent a car offers basic insurance coverage that covers third party liability. 
  • Is there any age limit to rent a luxury car in Dubai?
    Yes, the renters must be 25 years or above to rent high-end vehicles in Dubai. 
  • Can I rent a car with foreign driving license in Dubai?
    Yes, you can rent a vehicle with foreign driving license. All international travelers must have a valid driving license or international driving permit.
  • Is there any mileage limit on luxury car rentals in Dubai?
    Mileage limit depends on the rental agreement as some vehicles come with unlimited mileage. Therefore, always check the terms of your car rental contract.
  • How can I make my reservation for a luxury vehicle?
    Simply visit our website or contact us by phone or visit our rental office. We recommend advance booking.