Rent an SUV in Dubai 

SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles are famous for performance, spacious interior and versatility. These vehicles are an ideal choice if you want safety, comfort and ability to tackle various road conditions. No matter if you are heading for a business trip or family vacation, SUVs offer an ideal blend of luxury and performance. Dubai rent a car, one of the leading car rental companies in Dubai is an ideal destination for SUV rentals. We offer a range of SUV vehicles to fulfill your travel needs. Choose Dubai rent a car and boost up your driving experience in the vibrant city of UAE.

Why Choose SUV Cars?

Renting an SUV for your travel needs in Dubai comes with a lot of benefits including:

  • SUV rental in Dubai comes with high-end interior and advanced features that ensures a comfortable ride on every turn.
  • All these vehicles are built to perform on a variety of road conditions ranging from city exploration to desert landscapes.
  • SUVs in Dubai offer ample space for luggage and passengers. The vehicles are ideal for large groups and family traveling.
  • All the vehicles come with the latest safety features to ensure a secure driving experience in Dubai.
  • Renting an SUV adds a touch of status and luxury making it perfect for an opulent lifestyle in the City.

All Models of SUV for Rent

At Dubai rent a car, we offer a number of SUV models to suit various needs and preferences. However some of the top models includes

Compact SUVs:

The compact SUVs in Dubai are great for city driving as this vehicle offers agility.

Mid size SUVs:

All the midsize SUVs offer a perfect balance of performance and comfort. These vehicles are best for small families.

Full size SUVs:

The full size SUVs offer luxury and maximum space making them ideal for larger groups. These vehicles are also best for all who want premium driving experience in Dubai.

Luxury SUVs:

Some of our high-end models from prestigious brands include BMW, Range Rover and Mercedes Benz. These vehicles combine style with enhanced features.

SUV Aston Martin Red

Significant Features of SUV Cars

At Dubai rent a car, our SUV rentals come with a wide range of features to ensure a great driving experience in Dubai. Some of the prominent features includes:

  • The advanced navigation system in SUVs allows you to easily find your way around Dubai and surroundings. 
  • The SUV comes with an entertainment setup by which you can enjoy music and movies on the go.
  • The vehicles maintain a comfortable environment with the help of duals zone climate control.
  • You can also benefit from advanced safety features such as stability control, ABS and airbags.
  • Enjoy comfortable sitting with plush interior, adjustable seats and ample leg room for all passengers.

Types of SUV Cars 

Dubai rent a car allows you to choose from various types of SUVs:

  • Crossover SUVs
  • Luxury SUVs
  • Electric SUVs
  • Off- road SUVs

Other Types on Dubai Rent a Car

Other types of vehicles at Dubai rent a car are:

  • Convertible
  • Sedans
  • Coupes
  • Luxury cars
  • Mini vans
SUV Cadillac Black

Who Rents an SUV Car in Dubai?

Our SUV rentals in Dubai are popular among wide range of customers such as:

  • Tourists who want to explore the diverse attractions comfortably.
  • All the business travelers who ensure a stylish and professional impression.
  • Families who want ample space and safety.
  • Adventure seekers who want to explore the desert and rugged terrain comfortably. 
  • Residence looking for the temporary vehicle to attend special occasions.

How Much Does SUV Rental Cost in Dubai?

The overall cost of renting an SUV in Dubai depends on various factors including the rental duration and model of the vehicle. Generally, the rental prices range from AED 200 to AED 1500 per day. Dubai rent a car offers flexible pricing plans to suit various requirements and budgets.

SUV Cars Rental Options for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Service

At Dubai rent a car, we offer flexible rent a car options according to your needs such as:

Daily rentals:

Our daily dental plans are ideal for short term needs or spontaneous trips in Dubai.

Weekly Rentals:

If you’re on extended vacations or business trips then weekly rental plans are the perfect choice.

Monthly rentals:

Our monthly rental plans are cost effective options for long term requirements.

SUV Cars in Other Cities of UAE

While we are based in Dubai, we also offer rental services in other major cities of UAE. You can enjoy our rental services in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, as well as Fujairah. Enjoy the same level of comfort and quality wherever you go in the region.


  • What is the age requirement to rent a suv car in Dubai?
    The rental must be 25 years old to rent a suv car in Dubai.
  • Is insurance included in my suv car rental?
    Yes, basic insurance is included in our rental package but you can also ask for additional coverage options.
  • What documents are needed to rent a SUV car with Dubai rent a car?
    Valid driving license, ID or passport, and credit card is needed.
  • Can I rent a suv car without a UAE driving license?
    Yes, an international driving permit is required to rent a suv car.
  • Can I extend my suv car rental duration?
    Yes, your suv car rental duration can be extended subject to additional charges and availability.