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Rent Abarth in Dubai

If you’re interested in adding some Italian spice to your Dubai experience, try an Abarth rental in Dubai. Abarth are small cars with a rich racing history and a sleek look. It provides a sporty and luxurious car rental experience while exploring the streets of the city. Dubai Rent a Car always gets you covered and brings the unsurpassed car rental.

Why Choose Abarth?

Check out following reasons to choose Abarth car rental:

Outburst of Performance

Abarth cars are celebrated for their high-performance engines which are built to deliver a stress-spiking ride. An Abarth guarantees to make it a pulse-pumping activity.

Italian Design from the Roots

Made with Italian affection and uprightness. Abarth cars have clean aerodynamic designs that flash while going across the roads.

Made for Racing

Abarth has a surpassing record in racing, surveys back to a half-century of racing history in the 1950s.

Exclusive Procession

Renting Abarth in Dubai isn’t only approximately coming across the UAE’s roads. It’s more of the entire understanding from getting into the car to driving will be an unforgettable one. The best thing about this makes all else seem too mechanical.

All Models of Abarth

Abarth offers a wide range of models with exciting performance and undeniable style. The most desired models available for rent in Dubai are:

Abarth 595

It is a small and powerful city car that impresses with outstanding turbocharged power and agility. With iconic design and personalization options, 595 is suitable for fun in the city.

Abarth spider

It is more powerful, aggressive, and fast than most sports cars. Amazing engine performance, exceptional dynamics, and advanced functionality make Abarth 695 the perfect car for road adventure and racetrack action.

abarth black

Features of Abarth

The Abarth car comes with some of the following key tech specs you’ll come across the sports vehicle:

  • Turbocharged Engines
  • Sport-tuned Suspension
  • Exhaust Note
  • Racing-inspired Interior
  • Advanced Technology

Types of Abarth

Abarth cars come in a variety of types like Hatchbacks that are perfect for the streets of Dubai.  Convertibles that are best for soaking up the sun. One more is a performance variant that means a car with a powerful engine and brakes.

Other Brands Available on Dubai Rent a Car

Dubai Rent a Car has much more variety than Abarth rent a car. We offer you the prestigious selection of cars with almost all styles and preferences. You can find here from Suzuki to Hyundai and Ferrari to Porsche rental. Dubai Rent a Car offers you the best choice of well-maintained car rental.

abarth red

Who Rents an Abarth in Dubai?

There is a wide range of customers in Dubai, who rent Abarth: car enthusiasts, tourists and business travelers. Since Abarth is a representative of a race car, it is loved by the first ones. Secondly, tourists tend to choose this vehicle, as it is a perfect fit for discovering various locations fast and in style. Lastly, businessmen make one-day use of this car to execute a meeting or enjoy a large event.

Abarth Rental at Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rates

We offer you flexible car rental duration that will make all types of requirements fulfilled. You can enjoy the daily car rental, weekly car rental and monthly car rental duration.

Abarth Cars in Other Cities in UAE

Apart from Dubai, Abarth cars are rented in other cities of the UAE – in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and others. With this in mind, you can always rent an Abarth car whether you travel for business or pleasure and try the excitement of Italian performance while driving on the roads of the UAE. Dubai Rent a Car is the key to luxury and performance. We provide a variety of luxurious car brands including Abarth at cheap car rental rates. Contact us and get your best car rental experience!


  • Can I rent a car for weekend getaway?
    Yes, you can rent a car for weekend getaway.
  • Is there any option to cancel or modify the car rental agreement?
    Yes, you can cancel or modify your rental agreement within a specified time.
  • Can I add another driver to my rental agreement?
    Yes, you can add another driver to your rental car. But he should be of the same age with a valid driving license.
  • Can I extend my car rental duration?
    Yes, we allow you to choose flexible rental duration. You can extend the car rental duration.
  • What would happen if I had an accident with my rental car?
    You have to capture pictures and contact customer service for further assistance.