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Navigating the dynamic city of Dubai requires a reliable mode of transportation. Dubai city is famous for its luxurious lifestyle and vibrant culture. Having its own mode of vehicle offers great flexibility. However, for tourists and residents, renting a car on a weekly basis offers a cost-effective solution. Dubai Rent a Car, one of the trusted car rental agencies in Dubai proudly offers a variety of vehicles on a weekly basis. We ensure an enjoyable and smooth rental journey in Dubai. Renting a car on a weekly basis is an amazing choice for all the individuals who want to experience the city without any trouble of daily rental renewal. At Dubai Rent a Car, our rental process is smooth and effortless. We allow you to choose from a variety of well maintained vehicles ranging from economy to luxury. We not only provide convenience but also for the ability to fulfill short and long term needs.

Reasons to Choose Weekly Car Rental Services in Dubai

Some of the prominent reasons to choose our weekly car rental services in Dubai are the following ones:

Increased convenience

One of the best reasons to choose a weekly car rental service is to eliminate the trouble of daily renewals. It provides an interrupted use of the car that means there is no need to visit the rental office again and again. When you rent a car for seven days, you’ve the flexibility to keep it for a longer duration to enjoy constant driving experience in Dubai. Furthermore, it also shows that you can handle unexpected plans or last minute changes easily.

Budget friendly

Renting a car on a weekly basis in Dubai is more economical as compared to daily ones. When you rent a car for the whole week, you can receive a discounted rate. This cost-effectiveness not only ensures a budget friendly option but also allows you to secure a vehicle for a longer period. Get this amazing service from Dubai Rent a Car and enjoy significant savings to your trip.

Access to variety of vehicles

Renting a car on a weekly basis from Dubai Rent a Car allows you to get access to a variety of vehicles. You can choose the best car according to your needs and requirements. No matter if you want a compact car, SUV for family outing or a sleek Sedan for business meetings, we’ve something for everyone. Our extensive selection of cars shows that everyone can find the perfect vehicle to enhance the overall journey.

Freedom to explore

One of the prominent reasons to choose a weekly car rental service in Dubai is, it offers you the great freedom to explore the city and its surroundings easily. Rent a car and visit popular attractions such as Dubai mall, Burj Khalifa, and Dubai Frame. The flexibility of owning a car gives the ability to travel beyond the city limits. Explore the beautiful beaches, vast desert and mountains to create a memorable travel experience in Dubai.

Rent a Car At Cheap Price for a Week in Dubai

At Dubai Rent a Car, we’re dedicated to providing affordable rates for weekly car rental services. Our flexible plans allow the budget conscious travelers to enjoy their journey with the convenience of private transportation. We’ve discounts and promotions with transparent pricing to ensure that the car rental journey is accessible to everyone without Breaking the bank.

No matter if you are a tourist, a business traveler or resident of the city, we offer great ability to explore the city and surrounding economically. So, don’t look at others and count Dubai Rent a Car for reliable weekly car rental services. Enjoy the best value for money and make your travel experience more flexible in the city.

weekly car rental dubai

Top Brands Offered by Dubai Rent a Car On Weekly Basis

At Dubai Rent a Car, we offer a huge selection of top brands to fulfill the diverse needs of our customers. However, the fleet has world famous brands including:

BMW: Get a chance to experience the superior performance and luxury of BMW vehicles. Rent your favorite model and make a statement on the road.

Audi: Admire the perfect combination of sleek design and cutting edge technology. Rent an Audi car for excellent performance on the roads of Dubai.

Mercedes Benz: Mercedes Benz vehicles are famous for great innovation and sophistication. Rent your favorite car and enjoy an excellent driving experience model.

Range Rover: If you want to rent a vehicle for both city exploration and off-road adventures, our Range Rover models are perfect fit. These powerful and luxurious SUVs are ideal to tackle any road condition easily.

Hyundai: If you want a vehicle for family entertainment or business meeting, our Hyundai models come with advanced features and modern design. Rent this vehicle and make it a popular choice on the road.

Toyota: Toyota cars are famous for their fuel efficiency and reliability. These vehicles are perfect for daily commuting as well as for longer journeys in Dubai.

Our diverse and well-maintained fleet of vehicles shows that you can find the perfect vehicle according to your budget and preference. No matter if you are a businessman or locals, we have something for everyone.

weekly car rental dubai

Rent a Car and Explore Beyond Dubai

At Dubai Rent a Car, we extend our services beyond Dubai. Our weekly car rental services covers the neighboring Emirates including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and Al Ain. No matter if you want to rent a car for a business trip or family vacation, our extensive service network provides reliable transportation throughout the journey. Rent a car from Dubai Rent a Car and travel across different Emirates. We ensure peace of mind wherever you go. We’re your trusted partner to explore the UAE with our weekly car rental services.

Why Choose Dubai Rent a Car for Weekly Car Rentals

Choosing Dubai Rent a Car for weekly rental comes with a lot of benefits. These benefits make your experience customers affordable as well as more enjoyable. Let’s get to know why you should prefer us:

Variety of vehicle selection: At Dubai Rent a Car, we offer a variety of vehicles to fulfill every individual’s requirement. No matter if you need a car within budget or you want a luxury Sedan, we have something for everyone.

Affordable prices: One of the significant concerns while renting a car in Dubai is the cost. Dubai Rent a Car is famous for offering special discounts, competitive pricing and easy to find cost-effective options. No matter if you need a vehicle for a week or extended period, our prices ensures that you can get the best value for money Professional chauffeur service

If you want a chauffeur service for a week, Dubai Rent a Car provides experienced and knowledgeable drivers. All the drivers are committed to providing a comfortable journey. This service in Dubai is best for business professionals or tourists who are unfamiliar with the roads.

No deposit policy: Dubai Rent a Car allows you to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of renting a vehicle without any need of upfront cost. This offering allows you to allocate all your resources to other important aspects. Dubai Rent a Car allows you to get immediate access to any car without breaking the bank.

Excellent customer service: Dubai Rent a Car is famous in Dubai for delivering excellent Customer services. The dedicated team of professionals is available 24/7 to fulfill all your rental concerns. They help you to select the right vehicle according to your duration and demand. This commitment to satisfaction not only ensure smooth but also reliable experience.

So don’t wait and contact Dubai Rent a Car to experience the ultimate freedom of exploring Dubai and surrounding with our weekly car rental services. Book your desired vehicle today and admire the unparalleled services.