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Rent Genesis Car in Dubai

Are you in search of Genesis car rental in Dubai then choose Dubai Rent a Car. Genesis car brand is the luxury one that provides you convenience. Enjoy the luxurious drive behind the wheels on the beauty beast. We encourage you to book the car from the Genesis fleet and make unforgettable memories.

Why choose Genesis for Rent in Dubai?

If you are looking to rent a car in Dubai then Genesis offers unmatched luxury and comfort. Genesis is famous for its elegant design, state-of-the-art technology, and flawless driving. Rent a Genesis Car and you will be guaranteed to be taken to a whole new level every trip. Find your car at Dubai Rent a Car.

All Models of Genesis for Rent

Following are the models of Genesis brand available for rent:

Genesis G70

This car is sporty and elegant. Offering a combination of dynamic performance and luxurious comfort. G70 is an excellent choice for drivers who want to experience the road differently.

Genesis G80

The embodiment of outstanding style and modern technology! The Genesis G80 is a vehicle for long trips, whether it is a business trip or an exciting tour.

Genesis G90

On top of that, Genesis G90 stands for you. The new concept of first-class luxury! The Genesis G90 is sure to appeal to those most demanding drivers. Thus, combining luxury and comfort, technological innovation, and powerful high-performance.

Genesis Black

Features of Genesis for Rent

Following are the features of Genesis car rental

Luxurious interiors

Explore a domain of exquisite leisure with high-end materials, ergonomic configuration, and sophisticated craftsmanship. Thus, ensuring that all adventures are imminently delightful.

Advanced technology

Enjoy seamless connectivity and assistance while traveling with easy-to-use infotainment. It has the most contemporary and greatest driver support solutions. It also has various options to stay entertained during the trip.

Dynamic performance

Genesis vehicles combine excellent handling with potent engine technologies. It assures a driving experience with a lot of energy while maintaining comfort and smooth sailing.

Safety and security

Drive with peace of mind understanding that Genesis places a premium on your safety. Hence, revel in a complete set of advanced safety precautions and a robust security system to protect your vehicle.

Types of Genesis for Rent

Genesis car rental comes up in different car types. Genesis Sedans suit best for the corporate events and other special events. SUVs offer enough space for family so choose it for city adventures and weekend plans. Moreover, you can enjoy sports cars also.

Choose Genesis for your next rental in Dubai and elevate your driving experience to new heights of luxury, performance, and sophistication.

Who Rents a Genesis in Dubai?

Dubai’s most luxury-aware, performance-oriented, and stylistically savvy natives and tourists look to genesis car rental. Be it any business executive wanting to make a statement, a tourist wanting more from his excursion or just about any discerning Dubai individual with a fine driving palate!

Genesis Red

Genesis Rental at Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rates

Daily Rates

Experience the joy of driving a Genesis daily with the right rental solution for you with our convenient daily rental options.

Weekly Rates

Whenever you need to go out for a prolonged period, the genesis will provide you with the benefits you need at our weekly rental. You may get the most luxury at the most affordable rates during your Dubai stay.

Monthly Rates

When you need a car for a longer period, it’s always easier to use the monthly rental because they have a lower monthly cost. No matter why you’re renting, the first concern is comfort and style. Get the most out of your time on the streets of Dubai and do it affordably with us.

Other Brands on Dubai Rent a Car

Dubai Rent a Car offers you a variety of car models from Nissan rental to Audi rentals. You can also choose luxury cars from Porsche rental to Lamborghini rental. Choose the one that is according to your needs and desires.

Genesis in Other Cities in UAE:

Genesis rentals are not confined to Dubai but available in other cities of the UAE such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or Ajman. Regardless of whether you are discovering the vibrant UAE capital of Abu Dhabi, sightseeing cultural objects of Sharjah or mesmerizing on the beaches of Ajman, you can relish the charm of the Genesis wherever your UAE adventure takes you.


  • Can I Rent a Genesis car rental for one day in Dubai?
    Yes, you can rent Genesis car rental for flexible rental duration.
  • Is there any cancellation policy for the car rental Genesis?
    Yes, visit our website for cancellation policy.
  • Can I add another driver to Genesis car rental?
    Yes, you can add another driver to Genesis car rental.
  • Is there any minimum age to rent a Genesis car in Dubai?
    Yes, the renter must be 21 years old to rent Genesis in Dubai.
  • Is the Genesis car rental fuel-efficient?
    Yes, Genesis car rental is fuel efficient.