Rent a Ford in Dubai

Are you in search of Ford car rental in Dubai then choose Dubai Rent a Car. Ford car brand is the luxury one that provides you convenience. Enjoy the deluxe drive behind the wheels on the beauty beast in Dubai. We encourage you to book the car from the Ford fleet and make unforgettable memories.

Why Choose a Ford?

Check out why to rent a Ford in Dubai:


Ford rental cars are known for being dependable. Thus, making your rental experience free from stress. This is because each model has been solidly engineered to give a smooth & reliable ride.


Ford vehicles offer peace of mind due to their advanced safety features. Hence, ideal for families or even solo travelers.


Ford automobiles provide a relaxed journey. It should be noted that seats are intended for lengthy travels.


When you’re looking for easy parking space or extra room then you will find small or larger vehicles respectively.


Ford ensures that their customers do not lag behind in terms of convenience and connectivity. Throughout your journey, enjoy the latest infotainment system and Wi-Fi hotspot. This will keep you connected plus entertained.

Ford Black

All Models of Ford Available for Rent

Ford Fiesta

Compact, fuel efficient subcompact Ford car that is small enough to accommodate city driving.

Ford Focus

This vehicle is a compact stylish one with advanced technology. It suits driving both in the town and on highways.

Ford Fusion

It has a spacious interior and hybrid options. This makes it perfect for traveling long distances.

Ford Mustang

If you are looking for an exciting drive, then go for the Ford Mustang, which is a high-performance sports car with an iconic look.

Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a compact SUV. It has many modern features for safety purposes making it ideal for families.

Ford Explorer

As an adventure and family car, this company ensures midsize SUVs are spacious and powerful by manufacturing Ford Explorers suitable for off-road adventures.

Ford Expedition        

When traveling as a group or having bigger families who require more space and comfort, opt to use full-size SUVs like the Ford Expedition.

Ford Ranger

For hauling stuff and going off-road, there can be no better pick than the Ford Ranger – one of the best midsize pickups ever made by this brand.

Ford EcoSport

With its dimensions corresponding to those of compacts but some possibilities inherent to SUVs the model appears to be just the right solution for urban living.

Features of Ford Vehicles

Check out the following features of Ford cars:

  • Ford cars come up with advanced safety features.
  • For comfort and convenience, you can enjoy the latest entertainment system.
  • Enjoy the climate control feature in Ford car rental.
  • Drive like a star in the powerful engine and experience high-performance.
Ford Red

Types of Ford Vehicles

Ford cars offer a variety of vehicle types that can serve its specific role to you. It offers Sedan car rental and Hatchbacks for city drives. SUVs for adventurous and long trips. Moreover, you also get trucks, hybrid and electric vehicles wherever you want. Enjoy the reliability and advanced features of Ford car rental.

Who Rents a Ford in Dubai?

In the city of Dubai, many people go for Ford cars such as tourists. Who are going around the city’s famous places and also for the average locals running errands or taking road trips. In fact, a number of families choose SUVs due to the spacious inside that can make their journey comfortable.

Ford Rental at Daily, Weekly, Monthly

People can get ford rentals for daily use, every week or even monthly in UAE. You will be able to find a car for a short trip, weekly holidays or long term stay with flexible packages. Also; if you want to travel within short distances such as errands then daily rates can be very helpful to you. Moreover, it is advisable that you prefer weekly and monthly plans since they give economical ways.

Ford in Other Cities in UAE

Apart from Dubai, where else does anyone rent a ford vehicle? You can rent a Ford car in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ras Al Khaimah as well. These cities have different kinds of rental options offering similar models at competitive prices. Always trust Ford when driving through the UAE reliably and comfortably.


  • Can I Rent a Ford car for one day in Dubai?
    Yes, you can rent Ford car rental for flexible rental duration.
  • Is there any cancellation policy for the car rental Ford?
    Yes, visit our website for the cancellation policy of Ford cars.
  • Can I add another driver to Ford car rental?
    Yes, you can add another driver to Ford car rental.
  • Is there any minimum age to rent a Ford car in Dubai?
    Yes, the renter must be 21 years old to rent Ford in Dubai.
  • Is the Ford car rental fuel-efficient?
    Yes, Ford car rental is fuel efficient.