Rent a Tesla in Dubai

Are you ready to explore Dubai at your own pace? As Dubai is a luxurious city and everyone wants to feel the real style of Dubai. The best way to experience the luxury of Dubai is renting a car. Dubai Rent a Car presents Tesla car rental in Dubai. It is a powerful beast to travel around. Don’t miss the chance and book your Tesla.

Why Choose a Tesla Car?

Tesla has made its mark in the car-making industry through its innovation. Check out why one should choose Tesla cars:

Environmentally Conscious

The fact that Tesla’s vehicles have zero emissions makes them an excellent option for environmentally-aware drivers.

Modern Technology

Autopilot, over-the-air software updates and minimalist but sophisticated interior designs are some of the advanced technologies found on these cars.

Good Performance

Thanks to their electric motors and low centers of gravity, Tesla offers great acceleration and handling.


Their robust construction and advanced safety features often see Tesla cars ranked highly in terms of safety.

Luxury And Comfort

These luxury automobiles are made from high-quality materials and include heated seats, ample cabins and modern infotainment systems among other features.

Tesla black

All Tesla Models

There are several models to choose from. Check out some models of Tesla:

Tesla Model S

This luxury sedan blends performance, range and cutting-edge technology. It is long range with Ludicrous Mode for rapid acceleration. The premium interior is equipped with a 17-inch touchscreen. It is suitable for business trips, luxurious travel as well as long distance drives.

Tesla Model 3

A cheaper sedan with good performance and efficiency. It has impressive range capabilities coupled with quick acceleration. While inside it there is only minimalism including a 15-inch touchscreen plus autopilot. Ideal for everyday commuting, urban driving or tech enthusiasts

Tesla Model X

A luxury SUV that comes with falcon-wing doors. This makes entry easier even when there’s minimum parking space. It also comes standard with an all-wheel drive system plus spacious interiors. It has three rows of seats where you can comfortably sit as well as high-end security characteristics. Thus, making it the perfect choice during holidays or weekend getaways.

Tesla Model Y

A versatile compact SUV full of modern features. It has optional third row seating, all-wheel drive, Autopilot and plenty of cargo space. Ideal for families, outdoor activities and any person who needs extra room to carry their goods and equipment.

Features of Tesla

Tesla cars are equipped with a pack of features. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Enjoy the advanced driver assistance system in Tesla rental.
  • Tesla rental comes built in with a large touchscreen that controls all from navigation to climate control.
  • You get regular software updates for better performance.
  • Minimalist interior in Tesla rental.
  • Tesla car rental ensures electric powertrain and high-capacity battery.
  • Enjoy the amazing safety features in Tesla cars.

Types of Tesla

You can enjoy the drive of Tesla cars easily and according to your need. As it comes in different types. You can book your favorite sedan car rental and SUV car rental. Enjoy these high-performance beast drives in Dubai and beyond.

Tesla Red

Other Brands on Dubai Rent a Car

Dubai Rent a Car has a pack of a variety of cars from cheap car rentals to luxury car rentals. We will offer you cars from all brands and all models. Choose from Suzuki rental to Audi cars and Lamborghini to Chevrolet cars.

Who Rents Tesla in Dubai?

There is a mixed bag of people who rent Tesla in Dubai. It is best for comfort, innovation and ecological friendliness in their driving experience. It looks sophisticated and has improved technology that can be used for professionals. The ecotourists like the fact that Teslas do not emit anything. Those who are passionate about technology and cars are attracted by its advanced features as well as performance ability. Moreover, it suits best for families and groups as it comes with many seats.

Flexible Car Rental Period

Dubai Rent a Car offers flexible car rental duration for Tesla renters. You can enjoy the amazing prices for our daily, weekly and monthly car rental Dubai. Moreover, you get a chance to book our chauffeur service as well.

Tesla Cars in Other Cities in UAE

Tesla rentals go beyond just being available only in major cities like Abu Dhabi and Ajman but also exist across the UAE. Explore the cultural heritage as well its beautiful landforms of different cities of UAE with Tesla rentals. It offers a travel journey with style and comfort. It doesn’t matter whether it is in Dubai or other cities; nonetheless, such rentals guarantee a luxurious eco-friendly ride.


  • Can I rent a Tesla car for daily rental?
    Yes, Tesla suits best for daily, weekly and monthly rental.
  • Is there any age restriction to rent a Tesla in Dubai?
    Yes, the renter of Tesla must be 21 years old.
  • Can I extend the rental period for Tesla?
    Yes, you can extend the rental period for Tesla in Dubai.
  • Is there insurance included in the Tesla rental rate?
    Yes, basic insurance is included in the Tesla rental rate.
  • Is there GPS navigation in the Tesla rental?
    Yes, you get the GPS navigation in the Tesla rental.