Explore Dubai’s Top 7 Gems with Dubai Rent A Car

Dubai the City of Gold is world’s leading city glittering with amazing architectural masterpieces, extravagant shopping, and alluring attractions. To be able to really feel the soul of Dubai do hire a car with Dubai Rent A Car and start your jogged trip.

Burj Khalifa:

The story of your journey in Dubai starts from the magnificent Burj Khalifa, the undisputed ruler of the skyscraper. A real architectural wonder towering above the sky at 828 meters (2,717 ft), it provides unparalleled stunning views of the whole city. The pickup process has been additionally simplified at Dubai Rent A Car, allowing you to get there at Burj Khalifa with refreshment and strength to face the clouds.

The Dubai Mall:

To conclude your tour, you should definitely get down to the retail therapy world of Dubai Mall that is the largest shopping mall not only in Dubai but around the globe. With Dubai Rent A Car, if you want to shop till you drop, you have the ability to do so without a time limit. Whether it is known brands or affordable choices, Dubai Mall is there for anyone. You should not miss visiting the breathtaking Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo which is a true underwater wonderland full of diversified aquatic organisms.

Palm Jumeirah:

Travel on the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Road with your own Dubai Rent A Car and revelate the engineering feat of Palm Jumeirah. This spectacular artificial palm tree is an island resembling a palm tree that offers top notch resorts, mouth-watering restaurants, and endless entertainment opportunities. Have a leisurely driving around the Palm, but must note some iconic monuments like Atlantis, The Palm, which is a luxurious resort with water park, or stroll around the extravagant outlets and restaurants that dot the island. 

Burj Al Arab:

Lived uniquely at Burj Al Arab, an unsurpassed hotel in its kind which looks like a sail towering from the Arabian Gulf. A stay at this luxurious hotel surely is the most agreeable manifestation of someone’s dreams.  With Dubai Rent A Car, you can take a good look at the architectural flair of this hotel from a highway point during a trip. Go for a sightseeing tour of Jumeirah Beach Road with its breathtaking photographs that will forever enshrine this famous landmark.  . 

Dubai Marina: 

Driven by the scenic calmness of the whole place, Dubai Marina should be visited when going on a self-tour. From the paths beside the extravagant yachts to the most luxurious restaurant and the liveliest coffee shops, Dubai Rent A Car will guide you through. On a beautiful sunny day, you may find it tempting to go for a relaxing walk at the marina promenade, indulge in the magnificent view or have a delicious meal with the sparkling waters serving as the backdrop. 

Jumeirah Beach:

Save the day by visiting Jumeirah Beach on the sunny day, relax and paint your skin with the sun rays. Having a car from Dubai Rent A Car yourself will give you an opportunity to be able to remove the crowd and find your way own quiet spot on this sandy coast. Lose yourself in the invigorating splash of the sapphire-blue waters of the Persian Gulf, and stay a bit longer to indulge in the breathtaking sights. 

The Dubai Fountain:

Finish off your Dubai stay in an exciting way with a Dubai Fountain show that is visually stunning. Situated at the vicinity of the Burj Khalifa, next to this dazzling water, music, and light combination is a visual spectacle that can is just so enthralling; it will leave an indelible impression. On a hot July night at Dubai Rent A Car‘s parking lot, you can be one of the spectators of this spectacular light show. 

Dubai Rent A Car Possibility: Rent A Car Once already in Dubai Your Way. 

Dubai gives you everything whether you are in the mood for shopping, food, sightseeing, nature, or a combination of all and with Dubai Rent A Car, you can explore it all on your own terms. Having a running car at your disposal is good in numerous situations.  Whether you navigate bustling city streets or you drive off the beaten path, Dubai Rent A Car gives you the vehicle you need to experience Dubai to the fullest. Therefore, tie on your belt, hop onto the wheel and learn the miracles of Dubai together with Dubai Rent A Car.


  • What are some of the benefits of renting a car to explore Dubai's gems?
    Dubai Rent a car offers freedom and flexibility. It lets you explore Dubai's attractions at your own pace. This is unlike public transport, which has fixed routes and schedules. You can also avoid crowded buses and taxis, and enjoy the comfort of traveling with your group or family.
  • Does Dubai Rent A Car offer different car types to suit various needs?
    Yes, Dubai Rent A Car likely has a diverse fleet to cater to different travel styles. Imagine driving through the city in a sporty sedan. Then, conquering the desert in a powerful SUV. Or, cruising the coastline in a luxurious convertible.
  • Are there any hidden gems included in the top 7 besides the popular attractions?
    Renting a car lets you explore and find hidden spots off the tourist trail. Dubai Rent A Car might even suggest unique experiences. They will do this during the rental.