How to Rent a Car in Dubai for Adventure

Dubai, the sparkling city that astonishes tourists by mixing super modern skyscrapers and traditional culture, certainly spurs one’s curiosity to come and see it. The city enjoys a good public transport system, but you get much more than that when you rent a car; it allows you explore the city to the greatest heights.

Dubai at Your Own Pace

Through Dubai Rent a Car you are enabled to sculpt the best-suited Dubai itinerary of your desire. Well, think of yourself in a road trip with unplanned routes toward unknown destinations, pleasant walks at the seaside, or adrenaline-filled desert expeditions – that would be only you for that! The superb flow of the streets and well-placed street signs in Dubai offer a high level of convenience.

Finding the Ride

We at Dubai Rent a Car are proud to present a wide selection of cars for customers with different needs and finances. Enjoy the thrill of sitting behind the wheel of a sleek luxury sedan on Sheikh Zayed road, go for an adventurous ride in a hardy SUV, mark your presence in the city streets with a fuel-efficient compact car.

Convenience at Every Turn

Dubai Rent a Car‘s top priority is its customers’ comfort. Many of the car hire agencies have branches at the Dubai International Airport to collect and hand over the keys as soon as you land. An online booking system is a relatively simple and convenient way to make reservations, and customer support representatives guarantee a hassle-free process.

Essential Considerations

To have a relaxed trip, being acquainted with traffic rules and regulations of Dubai. Always use the seatbelt, follow the speed limits which are indicated, and keep to your respective lanes. Dubai has no mercy for drinking drivers as it applies the zero-tolerance policy.

Exploring Beyond the City Limits

Dubai indeed is the great place to start from visiting the other Emirates. Take part in a stunning trip to the old city of Hatta which is found in the Hajar Mountains. Try the degree of thrill in desert safaris, with going deep inside the golden sands and watching stargazing beneath the clear night sky.

Fueling Your Adventure

Dubai is a city of gas stations; you can easily find a venue to refill your vehicle along your trip. The majority of stations that you may come across also provide different services including a convenient store and your car wash.

Turning Memories into Reality

Being at the steering wheel of a rented car in Dubai enables you to enter a new world of limitless choices. See yourself share unforgettable moments featuring your loved ones, the souqs, cruise experience, as well as the picnic on the beach from your point of view.

The Key to Unforgettable Experiences

Rent a car from us, you’re the one holding a ticket to the trip of your lifetime. Now, go forward drive on. Experience the miracle of Dubai through every enriching trip you make.



  • Does the rental car company deliver the rental car to the airport or hotel?
    Not all rental car companies deliver, but some do. It depends on the company and location
  • What is the minimum driving age for a Sports car?
    The majority of rentals require you to be at least 21 years old, and there is a chance that some luxury cars will have a minimum age requirement of 25.
  • What is the overlimit charge?
    The limit for Luxury cars is from 250 to 300 km per day. If you drive more km, then for each 1 km an additional fee is charged from 1 to 25 AED.